Information Services

The Industry Information Services is the foundation of BID business, and its research provides a knowledge base on which clients can build successful operations. Given the quick pace of market and regulatory changes in China, reliable and up-to-date information is difficult to source and often requires primary research and the support of specialist expertise.

BID Consulting supplies tailored reports to companies with specific information requirements as well as multi-client reports that provide comprehensive surveys of target industries. Outsourcing research to BID’s experienced team results in fast-turnaround and informed and independent analysis that can save management time and prevent costly errors.


Customized Reports

This service supports client requirements that have included:
  • Competitor Analysis: Assisted clients conduct a detailed financial and strategy review of key competitors, allowing them to effectively position their product portfolio.

  • Market Sizing & Growth Potential: Created a market size and growth model to support the setting of sales targets for clients.

  • Policy Review: Assessed the impact of import tax changes on a multi-national client’s joint venture, allowing the client to continue with investment plans during a period of uncertainty.

  • Cost & Price Analysis: Analyzed local competitor’s actual production and management costs as well as product price in order to identify appropriate marketing strategy for our Sino-foreign JV client.

  • Customer Perception Analysis: Surveyed hundreds of end-users to research the market situation for client’s product.

  • Seminar & Conference Management: On behalf of a European client, managed the development and delivery of multiple seminars for local governments in China on a range of policy issues.

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Multi-Client Reports

China Concept publishes management reports on emerging opportunities that are used as a reference by many leading companies in China who need to keep abreast of changes in policy, regulation and market activities.
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