Log House & Leisure Industry

Finnish Log House

Logs have been used in construction for thousands of years in northern Europe. In Finland, for example, the oldest existing log buildings date back hundreds of years. This testifies to the durability of wood and to its beautiful aging. As long as the log material is taken care of, the home will endure from generation to generation, and the logs used for walls can be re-used several times.

Finnish log house which has grown in northern conditions. Log houses make for easy breathing and healthy living. The massive structure of logs balances variation in temperature and humidity, making a log house comfortably cool in hot environments and cozily warm in a cold climate. A massive log structure is also fire resistant.

During its growth, wood does not pollute the environment but instead renews it. Wood is a non-toxic, recyclable natural product. Making logs into construction material consumes considerably less fossil fuel than the production of, for example, brick, plastic or steel.

Log is the best construction option in terms of the atmospheric carbon balance. Log is one of the most ecological building materials and it lasts from generation to generation.Wood products have a long life cycle, and the energy inputs into production are small. What is more, wooden products can be recycled for bio-energy at the end of their life cycle and they can be used to replace particularly emission-intensive goods.

Leisure Cultural development in China

Chinese government to develop leisure and cultural industries

“12th Five-Year Plan” has been to develop the cultural industry as an important measure for adjustment of economic structure , from the central to local governments, a series of policies and measures to encourage cultural industries the development.

China Leisure Cultural Industry is one of the industries best of return on investment.

Our project combine the Commercial Value.Log house with golf, hot air balloon, aviation and other enterprise leisure clubs. We will create integrated leisure industry and cultural development.

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