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The relationship between economic growth and the Development of private aviation

According to development in western countries, once the annual GDP per capita exceeds 4000 US dollars, private aircraft ownership will begin to populate. Currently, the statistic of a number of major cities has surpassed 4000 USD. Now the world’s average civil aircraft – private aircraft number ratio is 1:9. However, according to Civil Aviation Administration of China, the ratio in China is 20:1. It is obvious that there is a massive gap between private aircraft fleet in China and the western countries. Thus, the future blowout of China private aircraft market is predictable.

Developing private aircraft market could incent a country’s consumption, especially for the wealthy class. From the faster pace of legislation in private aviation and relevant fields, we will witness the massive growth of China’s private aircraft market in a very near future.

The Development of Private Aircraft Industry

Brief Outline of Private Aircraft’s Development in China

1996 —— Civil Aviation Administration of China permitted training for private aircraft license.

1997 —— Civil Aviation Administration of China permitted Chinese citizens taking the private aircraft license test.

May 2003 —— Regulations for General Aviation Flight Control passed, legally authorizing private aircraft to fly in China.

August 2009 —— Civil Aviation Administration of China granted general aviation flying test zone in Pucheng General Aviation Industrial Park in Xi’an China Aviation Industrial Base. This raises the possibility of civilian flying in low altitude airspace in China.

The successful founding of low altitude airspace flying test zone is a milestone for China’s private aircraft market, which will prelude the market’s fast pace of growth.

Aviation Sports

The aviation sports in China is booming with international standards, the international aviation sports in general include flight,airplane model, skydiving, paragliding and hot air balloon .

The role and significance of air sports caused by the world increasingly attention, more than 60 countries to energetically carry out the sport projects.

The role and significance of aviation sports increasingly attention in the world , more than 60 countries to vigorously carry out the sport activity and project.

Aviation sports developed countries include U.S., Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Canada etc.

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