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Finnish Education Export


    • The Finnish education system is internationally competitive. It is also known and has an excellent
      reputation in the world.
    • The results obtained by Finnish students in the OECD PISA review have created a large demand
      for Finnish education in the world.
    • Finnish operators have a good reputation as a cooperation partner in international projects.
    • The educational administration, educational institutions and personnel in the field are used to, and
      largely prepared for, international operation.
    • The foremost operators share a desire to develop educational know-how into a new export article.
    • Educational research and evaluation are of a high quality in Finland.
    • The administration is flexible and it is easy to set up joint action.


    • The education market is growing and globalising.
    • Many countries are investing strongly in the development of education and education systems.
    • Finland has taken measures to make it possible for higher education institutions to provide fee-paying
      services, and amendments towards greater flexibility in the legislation will give more latitude for operation.
    • The higher education institutions provide a wide range of education in English and there are good services
      for international students.
    • The innovation system, teacher education, pedagogic knowledge and a culture of cooperation in Finland
      offer a good environment for developing and testing education innovations and processing them into

Education export is part of the global service economy, and it is considered to be a sector which broadly combines different industries. Finland’s strengths in education export and in the field of education itself are a competitive education system and a good reputation internationally.

There is an evident demand for Finnish know-how on the international education market.

Successful export of Finnish educational know-how will be built on the country’s strong education system and its continuous development.

We are working to promote a great project for education export to China.

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